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ULV Cold Fogger usually used in the following applications:

  • Sanitation
  • Food processing plant
  • Transportation (cruise ship, aeroplane, cargo container)
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Hospital, School, Daycare
  • Veterinary clinic
  • Home and commercial building

What Are Cold Foggers?

Cold Foggers are a device you can use to fight pest problems both indoors and outdoors. You can also use them to get rid of moulds, unpleasant odours and for sanitising purposes.

A cold fogger is “cold” because it’s the opposite of a thermal fogger. Cold foggers don’t use heat to vaporize the fogging liquid and turn it into a fog. Instead, they use cold spraying methods, which, in most cases, use high amounts of air pressure to spray the fogging liquid out in tiny particles.

The most popular type of cold fogger is the ultra-low volume (ULV) fogger. Most of the time, ULV foggers are considered the same as cold foggers.

How Do They Work?

Inside the casing of a cold fogger is an electric motor. This is the main part of a ULV fogger since it sprays the fogger liquid out as small particles. The power of the airflow will depend on the power of the motor.

Most cold foggers work using electricity. This means that you must have a power outlet near the area to be fogged or an extension cord that can reach the target area. Electricity powers the electric motor and without it, the fogger won’t work.

When you turn the fogger on, the electric motor will pump the fogging solution out of the tank. It then sprays the liquid out through a special nozzle located on the front of the fogger. This nozzle turns the fogging solution into small particles.

Particle Size

The advantage that ULV foggers have over thermal foggers is that they allow you to control the particle size. On standard ULV foggers, you’ll have the option of setting the particle size from 5–50 microns. You can adjust the droplet size a ULV fogger produces by either turning a flow valve or pushing a button on the fogger, depending on the model you have.

Higher airflow will produce larger particles while lower airflow will produce smaller particles. This is definitely useful if you need to fog in different areas.

You might want to use smaller particles indoors since they stay in the air for longer and can reach smaller gaps and holes in the walls and floor as well as the spaces behind furniture and other tight spaces. Smaller particles are better when you want to kill mosquitoes since the most effective droplet size for this is from 5–20 microns.

For larger insects and bugs that live outdoors, you’ll want to use a larger droplet size of 50 microns or more. Even a small breeze can blow smaller droplets away from the target area with ease. Larger particles, on the other hand, will reach the target area even in slightly windy conditions.


Power: 1100W
Motor 220-240V
Voltage: AC220/50Hz
Volume of Spray: 470ml/min (adjustable)
Particle Size: 10-150µm (adjustable)
Effective Range: 3-8m (adjustable)
Tank Capacity: 5 Litre
Corrugated Pipe Length: 380mm(standard)
Net Weight: 2.35kg
Gross Weight: 3.78kg
Measurement: 560mm x 240mm x 320mm
Warranty: 1 Year